My Top 3 Favorite Self-Care Activities



Have you been doing self-care?

You may be thinking…

“With everything going on personally and, in the world, right now, who has time for self-care?”


Many studies are showing positive impacts on mental health when doing self-care. Knowing your limits and taking time to pause not only helps you but helps you to be there for others when needed.


My TOP 3 favorite self-care activities: 

  • Playing with my dog.
    • There is such a sense of calm when I play with my puppy. I get endless amounts of slobbery kisses on my face. It is a wonderful connection time and brings me back to the present moment.
  • Getting my body moving.
    • Whether it is through exercise or dancing, moving the body gets the energy moving around, and my brain is stimulated. It also helps me sleep better at night.
  • Reading a book.
    • I’m a bit of a book hoarder. I love reading and have piles of books ready for me to dive into. Getting time to get emersed in other worlds and to break away from any stress is a joy for me.


Other self-care ideas include: 

  • Walking in the park
  • Painting a picture
  • Tending to your garden
  • Talking with friends
  • Getting a massage
  • Taking a bath


And if today feels like you can’t do anything but stare out the window, that’s ok too. 

It doesn’t have to be an hour-long activity. If pressed for time, 5 minutes of deep breathing will do.


With gratitude,




- marc s. micozzi

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