What Is Nutritional Psychology?



In April 2020, I completed my Integrative and Functional Nutrition degree. 


I was ecstatic to be done, but I felt like something was missing.


After my dad had his heart surgery in 2017, a dietician gave him a list of foods to eat and what not to eat. 

What I realized at that moment, if it is that easy to follow a list of foods to eat, my dad wouldn’t have developed cardiovascular disease. Eating healthy is more than eating nutritious foods. It is a mindset and a lifestyle.

I wanted to understand my dad’s relationship with food and the behaviors associated with his food choices. I started looking for nutritional psychology educational resources to fulfill this gap. And this is when I found The Center of Nutritional Psychology. 


The Center of Nutritional Psychology

What is nutritional Psychology? 

“Nutritional Psychology is the area of study that examines the relationship between our dietary and nutrient intake patterns, and our mood, behavior, and mental health.” – The Center of Nutritional Psychology 


Combining these two disciplines is essential for supporting mental health. 


I am grateful to share that I am an advocate and contributor to The Center of Nutritional Psychology, and will be advocating for its use in the future of mental healthcare. 


Looking forward to seeing how I can support integrating Nutritional Psychology into university curriculums, and supporting individuals on their mental health journey. 


With gratitude,